Tradewinds Food Industries Pte Ltd is primarily involved in meat processing and related food products. Incorporated on Dec 2001 in Singapore as a private limited company, the product profile of the company comprises of processed poultry, frozen food & seafood, suckling pig , wholesaling and retailing.

Tradewinds is one of the major wholesaler in Singapore producing about processed meat and frozen meats a month with a market share of 1%.

Within 19 years, Tradewinds retail network covers wet market butcher stalls , convenience stores, food production factories, shipping companies, cruise liners, hotel and restaurants.

To widen our earnings base, the company is also involved in processing value-added products meeting the demands of their clients.

As of FY2012, Tradewinds has achieved total sales of $15 million and the company is expanding it’s processing plant for export in addition to local consumption.


Ability to provide one-stop solution for food service companies –import of meat or seafood, process to required sizing, marinate to the recipe and cook it to the desired finishing so that the Food Service Companies can reduce their preparation process and cooking time.

Ability to provide consultation to Food Service Companies on improving food recipes and food quality, develop innovative products and implement efficient cooking methods.

Reputed as a reliable supplier with ability to provide Quality Supply and Services and most importantly, ability to supply various meats, poultry and seafood to meet customers’ requirements.